The new references in theatrical performance may be related to cultural identities of both an urban and an ethnic kind, and they are creating a new theatre of energies which can be said to be of an ambient post-mainstream kind. Altogether we are now dealing with a complex of energies that are being reactivated in connection with the notion of cultural identities and subcultural expressions. They can be flowing and circulated in free ways, like is the case of the human libido. These new energies could be defined as both social, body connected, media emanated, political and as being connected to physical attraction and theatricality in direction of different ways of expression, like inbetween cooking, new happenings and ambient performance. Synergy is dealing with the working together of different elements, and one could say that a theatre of new energies is the interplay of the above mentioned different energies declenched by cultural identity and inter- or multiculturalism. One of these new energies is the ambience of social gatherings and experience that has mixed with theatre, visual arts and music. Thus the clubbing effect is included in these processes both practically and sometimes metaphorical by ways of interaction.

from 'Ambient Theatre and Clubbing: Urban Post-Mainstream' by Knut Ove Arntzen